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Computer Systems to pay $32,500 to settle age discrimination lawsuit | Business Insurance

My empathy goes out to this women, she worked for this company  33 yrs & fired her because of her age, 60, is the thanks that she gets.  Btw 60 is not old.

I never understood companies having no respect for the older workers.  Businesses are in business to profit, I get that, I’m a capitalist & believe businesses should profit.  However, the notion that firing an older worker with years of experience, more importantly wisdom, & dedication, with some youngster for half the pay is beyond me.

The cost of training that new employee, who may or may not work out, with limited dedication, to include costly mistakes, WILL most definitely make, is some how in there minds more profitable   In addition to that, the wisdom the older worker brings, priceless.

In closing, if businesses are in business to make money, why would they do something as stupid as hiring young workers to replace the older workers for half pay.  Oxymoron?

Sadly, this will not stop the practices of age discrimination.  People are living longer, baby-boomers are going to be around for a long time.  We make up a large part of our American population, & if the business world is going to fire, lay off older workers from 50-70, the younger generations are going to pay a huge price for this ignorant stupidity.

We baby boomers have a lot to offer, we have a right to work, & our nation is in great peril; trust me, you are going to need our help.

Computer Systems to pay $32,500 to settle age discrimination lawsuit | Business Insurance.


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