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Windows 7: The Six Versions Explained


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Student Confidence Soars with CompTIA CertMaster Monday, December 7, 2015 by Ashlyn Keefe

The CertMaster is the key to success in Information Technology Eduction.


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Do Big Data Results Depend On What Data We Look At? – Forbes



What 200 years of digitized books teaches us about how much the data we use drives the results we get

Source: Do Big Data Results Depend On What Data We Look At? – Forbes

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Should you upgrade to Windows 10?

I‘m a Windows 7 user, and I love Windows 7.  I’m also a Google Chrome user, and I love Google Chrome.  The combination of the 2, gives me the best computer/online experience, ever.  I’ve been around Windows OS’s for a very long time, and by far Windows 7 is the best in my opinion.  Recently I was notified, by Microsoft,  for a free upgrade to Windows 10.  Windows asked me to register for the upgrade and then they would notify me when it was available.  

My first thought was, that’s unusual, Microsoft never gives operating systems away.  Possibly it has something to do with the tumultuous Windows 8. Btw, I’m one of the very few that likes Windows 8.  I bought an hp laptop with Windows 8 installed, and gave it to my mom for xmas, 2014.  So this upgrade is probably more like a patch rather than an OS installation.  

A few days ago, I noticed the Windows logo on my toolbar next to the volume control, indicating that Windows is ready to upgrade my system to Windows 10. Now the question is, do I upgrade to Windows 10?
Mom is 82, and I figured the new laptop/W-8 would give her a fresh start with brand new simple technology, huge Hard Drive capacity, she loves taking pictures and storing them on her laptop, and relieve her of the prehistoric XP, that was not being supported any longer.  NOT!  Let’s put it this way, it was a roller coaster ride. Without getting into the details, bc this post is not about Windows 8, I will say this, at the end of the day, I have respect for W-8, and I understand it.  
Having said all that, Windows 8 customer’s might want to upgrade to W-10 bc it’s an improvement over W-8, again in my opinion, making W-8 better so to speak. But for Windows 7 customers, idk, maybe you want to hold off, like any Windows operating system, it’s like the old saying, “You never know what you’ll get in a box of chocolates.” 
Well idk yet what I’m going to do.  I thought I would share this article with you because your going to be faced with this issue soon enough, if not already.  If you know Microsoft Windows like I do, you know the next upgrade might not be the best upgrade, i.e. Windows Me, Windows Vista, Windows 8.  On the other hand the upgrades from disastrous OS’s have been stupendous, i.e. Windows XP.  Enough said, I found this review on W-10 to be useful. I hope it will help you make the right decision to fit your needs. Just click the link below.



Windows 10 is what Windows 8 should have been, but it has too many rough edges to attract Windows 7 users. Continuous upgrades could change that as early as this fall

Source: Windows 10 review: Hold off if you use Windows 7 | InfoWorld

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We Need the Right to Repair Our Gadgets – WSJ



This is the world I came from; we repaired or had repaired just about everything we owned for a fraction of what it cost new.  One problem I see here is technology itself; what we bought yesterday literally 2 yrs ago is an antique.  If we are talking Microsoft windows; XP is no longer supported.

Are the Producers like Apple moving to lightening fast into the future?  I’m a member of the baby boomers, and we lived just fine in the slow pace Taurus kind of way. We were able to breathe better I think, and less stress, I think our lives were richer in a spiritual since back in the day.

I remember I owned a pair of Engineer boots, when the welt and heel sore out,  I would take them down to a pop shop; shoe repairman many times. He always attached a brand new thick welt to the boots, along with kleets on the toe and heels, to last longer. He then  repaired any imperfections on the actual boots, & polished the leather. When I picked them up later,  I always had a awesome feeling, I had a better than new pair of boots for less than a third of the price I paid for them. The Consumers need to demand that the producers out there make possible & easy for us to repair our own electronics. Read the article below…….




People can fight back against planned obsolescence by fixing the tech we already own, but the consumer electronics industry isn’t making it easy.

Source: We Need the Right to Repair Our Gadgets – WSJ

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Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome announced no more default support for Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash is a pain in the butt, more over, Adobe Flash has always been a pain in the butt. You may have noticed issues with Adobe Flash recently, well I’m not quite sure yet if once again Adobe Flash has been infected by a virus, but one things for sure there is another issue with this software application.  Last night, to no avail, I tried to resurrect an Adobe Flash installation.  Today I find out Mozilla Firefox, and Google chrome both announced no more default support for Adobe Flash.  The chief of security at FaceBook asked ADOBE  to shut this flash puppy down.

  1. Adobe Flash (formerly called Macromedia Flash and Shockwave Flash) is a multimedia and software platform used for creating vector graphics, animation, browser games, rich Internet applications, desktop applications, mobile applications and mobile games.

However don’t be quick to remove Adobe Flash, bc some applications will not run right w/o it. My suggestion is while we all wait for a replacement of Adobe Flash by it’s publisher, you can easily install chrome. If your OS is connected to  high speed internet, 25/25 mbps, or more, then you should have no problem installing a second web browser, i.e., such as Google Chrome,.  A special version of Flash runs inside a sandbox, woven into Chromes application,  updates handled by Google .

Chrome installation ; Google


What Is Adobe Flash, and How Can You Get Rid of It? Sean Captain July 15, 2015 You can access the Yahoo article here ====>

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Official Google Blog:Google Earth turns 10 today

Actual bdy was 6-29-2015
Official Google Blog:Google Earth turns 10 today…/google-earth-10th-birthday…

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Why you should avoid AMD and get a Steam Machine with Nvidia’s GeForce graphics Nvidia’s graphics cards may be a black box, but they’re easily the best-performing option on Linux machines.

originpc-crhonos-sli-steam-machine-100223958-gallery  #freedom


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Microsoft rolls out Delve information and people discovery tool for Office 365 | Computerworld

Microsoft on the Cutting Edge.

Microsoft rolls out Delve information and people discovery tool for Office 365 | Computerworld.

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Microsoft to make the case for Windows 10 on PCs and phones | Computerworld

Technology is lightening fast. The ink is barely dry on Windows 8, and already talk about Windows 10, wow.  My first Apple computer, back in the day, was the most amazing piece of technology, along with the remote control for the new cable tv, that’s right boys and girls there was life b4 remote cable tv.

It seems like yesterday sometimes. Of course, then came Windows 98, the creme de la creme. I can still hear “PLAY BALL”  Still my favorite OS.

Windows 98, really, in hind sight, was just the tip of the ice berg of what was to come.  My world of slow paced, manual operations, mind calculating formulas, are long gone.

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Microsoft to make the case for Windows 10 on PCs and phones | Computerworld.

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