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No Sound? 7 Tips to Fix Audio Issues in Windows 10

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No Sound? 7 Tips to Fix Audio Issues in Windows 10


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How to get back into your verizon/yahoo e-mail.

Several months ago I was unable to log in to my Verizon Internet Account.  I first discovered this on my Iphone.  My default e-mail ostensibly, on my Iphone, was Verizon e-mail.  

Naturally I went through all the steps to remedy the problem first, to no avail; i.e. changed the password, yet I was only able to get into my Verizon account, but unable to get into my Verizon/Yahoo e-mail.

I called Verizon & after talking with a slue of idiots,  I ended up talking with a smug, subtly rude young man.  Anywho he had me reset my my password.  Dahhhh, I told him already been there, done that.  Next he had me reset the Iphone, that didn’t work either.  All it did was wipe out all of my notes on notepad.  Caveat Emptor, do not reset your Iphone.

Make a very long story short, he eventually passed me along to a higher level Tech to solve my problem.  At this point, I had no faith he could help me.  I had already spoken to half a dozen morons,  And of course this guy couldn’t help me either.  As it would turn out; according to him, he didn’t specialize in high speed internet.  

I hung up with him, my feeling was that a hacker hacked into my e-mail, setting off all the Verizon/Yahoo  security alarms.  Now just a note here, when I tried logging into Yahoo, a Yahoo page came up saying that my account was suspended do to lack of payment, well that was not the case here, I was paid in full.  This subsequently lead me to believe there was a bug/error in Verizon/Yahoo configuration.  I’m not going to get into right now how I came to that eventual conclusion.

Some days later when I had time, I decided to try an internet tech from Verizon, then hooked up with one.  Unfortunately this guy was worse than the last two techs I spoke with.  On top of that, he insulted my intelligence   I warned him that I was a savvy computer tech, & we could cut out the unplug your router, reset your router, and so on crap.  He was not paying attention to me, he wanted to go through all of that anyway.  Later on I will be posting that conversation to this post.

Well then he put me through to another guy, who by the way he was communicating with me, he must have been from India or somewhere like that.  Well this guy did the remote access procedure, & typically not listening to what I was trying to tell him.  He said we are going to get this fixed.  An hour later, we were no closer to the solution.  I finally disconnected with him.

How I solved the problem. As I had said before, I concluded that a hacker set off all the security alarms that Verizon/Yahoo have set up, there fore made it impossible to get back into my e-mail.  I was able to get into my Verizon account, but not my Verizon/yahoo  e-mail.

My calculations/speculation were these security measures will subside after a period of time.  I really had no idea what that time period would be.  Thereby I figured 2 months or so would be sufficient   As long as I didn’t keep setting those alarms off by trying to log in.  Beware there definitely is a conflict between Verizon & Yahoo.

About 2.5 months later, I went to this  https://signin.verizon.com/sso/ForgotUserIDPassword   Verizon page & changed my password again.  On this page I checked password, then hit continue.  Now on the next page you have 2 options.  User ID/Verizon Billing Telephone Number or User ID/Verizon Account Number.  

Back when I was trying to get into my e-mail 2.5 months prior, I had trouble using the first option.  This time I used the second option, User ID/Verizon Billing Account Number.  Make sure you use this option, then I just followed through changing my password.

Once that was done,  I logged in to my Verizon account.  I purposely did not log in through http://www.yahoo.com because there is a bug there that I don’t think Verizon/Yahoo knows how to fix, or simply ignores it.

Now once I logged in to my Verizon account, (just Google “My Verizon” to get that page,) click the envelope upper towards the right side of your home page. 

Success!  By & large the re-routing through Verizon account page, by passing the Yahoo log in page, was the key.  Btw, I am still not able to log in through Yahoo.  If you have any questions please e-mail me @  ProsperITSolutions@gmail.com 

In conclusion don’t call Verizon when you have an issue, most of those people have no idea what they are doing.  Calling Verizon should be your last resort.

I’ve been dealing with Verizon for many years and before they were Verizon, when they were called Bell South.  Try to find a savvy Tech online who knows what’s going on.  Feel free to come here anytime for information.  (e-mail me anytime, I don’t charge for information, if I don’t have the answer, I will find the answer for you)

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